Links for 2011-06-27

  • There are over 1 billion users of virtual worlds, online communities where users have avatars and participate in various simulated environments. Even more impressive than that number: roughly half of those virtual world users are under age 15.
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  • Avatar Storytellers is the first multiplayer online educational virtual world designed specifically for classroom students ages 9-12. Avatar storytellers is an engaging K-12 immersive virtual world educational curricula that allows students to create 3D digital stories inside immersive virtual worlds using WiloStar3D’s custom avatar system. Our award-winning 3D virtual world for K-12 is student-safe, endlessly evolving, and built on WiloStar3D’s proven and successful educational paradigm.
  • I’ve written a lot about using poetry in the classroom. However, came across my old audio page collection and noted Billy Collins great audio recordings (see below) – couldn’t help sharing. Decided to collect his wonderful “visual” poems in a nice player. Find them, along with more resources and other great poems for use in the EFL Classroom HERE.
  • Welcome! I am King Henry of England. I hear you have been learning about religion and cathedral building. Now you want to build a cathedral! I will ask you 10 questions to help me decide if you have the knowledge and skills necessary. You will get a score a t the end of the interview . You will then complete this worksheet using your completed interview.

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