Links for 2011-06-14

  • Explains literature in 60seconds
  • Life is not all about Facebook and Twitter, you know. There are more social media platforms out there for you to discover and there is no reason to allow yourself to be limited or stuck with just the most popular ones.  In fact if you consider yourself a good marketer at all, you should be looking for ways to penetrate your audiences through a wide variety of tools and not just depend on tried and tested methods. Look at it this way. With the hundreds of millions of subscribers that Facebook and Twitter has, just what do you think are your chances to call some attention to yourself?
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  • Smarterer provides crowd-sourced tests that allow you to get scored and ranked on digital, social, and technical tools. Scores can be shared for reputation, competition, and fun. Add questions to improve your score.
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  • Link list
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  • Historians get their information from two different kinds of sources: primary and secondary. Primary sources are first hand sources; secondary sources are second-hand sources. For example, suppose there had been a car accident. The description of the accident which a witness gives to the police is a primary source because it comes from someone actually there at the time. The story in the newspaper the next day is a secondary source because the reporter who wrote the story did not actually witness it. The reporter is presenting a way of understanding the accident or an interpretation..
    (tags: (G)history)
  • Welcome to the European History Guide.  This guide provides links to the most useful databases and electronic and print resources for researching the history of Europe.
    (tags: (G)history)
  • World History teachers face many challenges to incorporating primary sources in their teaching—the pressures of coverage in survey courses, the lack of available materials, and inadequate training in dealing with unfamiliar sources from a range of cultures. World History Sources responds to these challenges (as well as the new opportunities offered by the Internet) by creating a website to help world history teachers and students locate, analyze, and learn from online primary sources and to further their understanding of the complex nature of world history, especially the issues of cultural contact and globalization.
  • The Internet Modern History Sourcebook now contains   thousands of sources and the previous index pages were so large that they were crashing many browsers.
  • z.T auch Englische Quellen
  • Willkommen bei,der historischen Dokumenten- und Quellensammlung zur deutschen Geschichte ab 1800.
    (Auch internationale Dokumente z.T.)
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  • Links zu versch. Themen
  • Fortbildung Online bietet kostenlose Fortbildungsveranstaltungen für Lehrerinnen und Lehrer über das Internet an. Die in Bild und Ton moderierten Live-Veranstaltungen finden „bei Ihnen zu Hause“ im Internet statt.Für die Teilnahme benötigen Sie einen Rechner (Windows, Macintosh oder Linux), einen DSL-Internetzugang und einen Browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox oder Safari mit aktiviertem Flash-Player). Um sich aktiv mit Wortbeiträgen beteiligen zu können, benötigen Sie ein Headset. (Es genügt ein einfaches ab ~ 6 €.)
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  • Google offers some wonderful tools for teachers, but I’ve learned over the last couple of weeks that while teachers are aware of many of Google’s offerings like search, docs, and maps many teachers aren’t aware of how to use these tools or what these tools offer beyond the obvious. Therefore, I sat down yesterday and started putting together this guide to using Google search, docs, books, news, and maps in the classroom.
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  • Landkarten zeitlich geordnet für den Geschichtsunterricht
    (tags: (G)karten)
  • Easily incorporate Google Apps into your curriculum with these classroom-ready lesson plans. Have a Google Apps lesson plan? Submit it for review.
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