Education & Second Life, Pt. 1

Today – instead of correcting essays and tests – I teleported around Second Life to find places that might be of interest to teachers. I didn’t go for destinations that might interest ELT or history teachers, but for other subjects. As I am not a biologist, chemist or geographer, I can’t really rate the places – only tell you where they are, share some impressions and maybe inspire you to go exploring for yourselves. Place by place I will write about them as good as I can.

Genome Island

As the name of the sim indicates, it’s all about genetics here. But instead of just reading about it, or waiting ages to conduct some real-life experiments, the visitors can do them virtually (I remember doing Mendels‘ laws with pipe cleaners in class!). Here an excerpt from the Genome Island’s webpage:

„In the virtual world of Second Life, the Abbey shares Genome Island with other buildings, gardens and pools that house representations of the work of other geneticists: the structure of DNA, genetic coding, genome organization, a human chromosome gallery, genetic regulation, bioinformatics and population genetics. Science progresses by the creation of virtual worlds that overlie everyday and not-so-everyday phenomena. The metaverse of Second Life provides a vision of that world that anyone can enter and experience. If you are an instructor thinking about bringing a class to Genome Island, this guide is for you.  If you are a student or even just a casual visitor to Genome Island, feel free to peek!“ (

And a little movie found on youtube:
More places (e.g. Sistine Chapel, Second Life Planetarium, …) will follow.
To be continued…

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