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Links for 2011-06-28

  • Politische Bildung ist eine Disziplin, die sich an unterschiedliche Schulfächer anbinden lässt. So können beispielsweise Themenfelder aus der Politischen Bildung mit Themen aus dem Fach Musik kombiniert werden.
    Zum 150. Jahrestag des Amerikanischen Bürgerkrieges, zur nationalen Identität und „vertonten“ Heimat finden Sie hier aktuelle Materialien, die in der Politischen Bildung und im Fach Musik eingesetzt werden können.
  • Politische Bildung ist eine Disziplin, die sich an unterschiedliche Schulfächer anbinden lässt. So können beispielsweise Themenfelder aus der Politischen Bildung mit Themen aus dem Fach Musik kombiniert werden.
    Zur Person Sophie Scholl – verbunden mit den Themen Widerstand und Zivilcourage – finden Sie hier Materialien aus der Politischen Bildung und aus dem Fach Musik, die kombiniert in beiden Bereichen angewendet werden können.
  • Das Projekt wird von einem interdisziplinären Team am Zentrum für Demokratie Aarau in Zusammenarbeit mit der Universität Neuenburg durchgeführt. Diversifizierte Projektpartnerschaften unterstützen die Verbreitung in allen Landesteilen.

Links for 2011-06-27

  • There are over 1 billion users of virtual worlds, online communities where users have avatars and participate in various simulated environments. Even more impressive than that number: roughly half of those virtual world users are under age 15.
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  • Avatar Storytellers is the first multiplayer online educational virtual world designed specifically for classroom students ages 9-12. Avatar storytellers is an engaging K-12 immersive virtual world educational curricula that allows students to create 3D digital stories inside immersive virtual worlds using WiloStar3D’s custom avatar system. Our award-winning 3D virtual world for K-12 is student-safe, endlessly evolving, and built on WiloStar3D’s proven and successful educational paradigm.
  • I’ve written a lot about using poetry in the classroom. However, came across my old audio page collection and noted Billy Collins great audio recordings (see below) – couldn’t help sharing. Decided to collect his wonderful “visual” poems in a nice player. Find them, along with more resources and other great poems for use in the EFL Classroom HERE.
  • Welcome! I am King Henry of England. I hear you have been learning about religion and cathedral building. Now you want to build a cathedral! I will ask you 10 questions to help me decide if you have the knowledge and skills necessary. You will get a score a t the end of the interview . You will then complete this worksheet using your completed interview.

Links for 2011-06-25

  • interactive maps
  • A little something to celebrate George Orwell’s birthday today: You can now catch on YouTube the 1954 animated film, Animal Farm, based on Orwell’s classic novella first published in 1945. The film, which runs 71 minutes, has actually had a controversial history. As outlined by The New York Times, the CIA bought the rights to the film and modified the screenplay to emphasize anti-communist themes. This all gets covered in detail by Daniel Leab’s 2007 book Orwell, Subverted.
  • Are your students tired of writing prompts and daily writing drills? Here is a list of some fun ways to spark students' imaginations and tap into their creative writing abilities. I think your students will enjoy these ideas as much as mine have.
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  • So many great ideas came up that I thought it would be appropriate to start a new wiki to allow everyone interested to take ownership of these projects. As much as I would like to participate in every single one, I know that realistically it’s not possible. With this Global Collaborations wiki we can begin to connect individual schools together on projects that truly enhance the core curriculum units. Please feel free to contribute anything and everything to this new space!
    For convenience, I have listed all of the projects that we brainstormed here, along with a number of collaborative projects that I’m already working on or have already initiated with colleagues over the past few weeks. Now comes the hard part: actually getting started on all these inspiring ideas!
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Links for 2011-06-23

  • Scholars from the University of Chicago developed this teacher resource to provide an overview of Middle Eastern cultures and their contributions to the world. 
  • AwesomeStories is a gathering place of primary-source information. Its purpose – since the site was first launched in 1999 – is to help educators and individuals find original sources, located at national archives, libraries, universities, museums, historical societies and government-created web sites.

    Sources held in archives, which document so much important first-hand information, are often not searchable by popular search engines. One needs to search within those institutional sites directly, using specific search phrases not readily discernible to non-scholars. The experience can be frustrating, resulting in researchers leaving key sites without finding needed information.

  • lots of useful stuff
  • Below are graphics developed from and based on the text of President Obama's prepared text and the text of President Bush's speech, available on The more words are used in each speech, the larger and bolder they appear in each graphic.
  • Title says it
  • Im Rahmen eines Workshops zum Kooperativen Lernen mit neuen Medien habe ich den TeilnehmerInnen versprochen, eine Liste mit den von mir am meisten für’s Lehren und Lernen genutzten online Diensten zusammenzustellen. Deshalb dieser Artikel, der bestimmt auch für nicht-WorkshopteilnehmerInnen interessant ist.
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Links for 2011-06-22

  • Dipity – Find, Create, and Embed Interactive Timelines
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